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    We implement innovative technological solutions, accelerating the digital transformation journey for companies in various industries.


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About Us

Solutto Consulting  was founded in 2018 with a clear mission:  To help people and businesses achieve their goals through innovative and effective solutions .

With a team of technology experts and a passion for success,  Solutto  has rapidly grown since its foundation and has become a leader in its industry.

Through the combination of cutting-edge technology and a  customer-focused  approach,  Solutto  has demonstrated that a bold idea can change the world of many people.

Vision, perseverance, and dedication have been crucial to its success and continue to drive the company to new heights.

Solutto  takes pride in its history and continues to work tirelessly to help people and businesses achieve their goals.

With a bright future ahead,  Solutto  remains an example of how a bold idea can change the world.

Our services

What do we d​o? 

ERP Solution

We offer a complete pack of enterprise applications to manage every department in any organization, all integrated into one platform. 


E-learning platforms, instructional design, course creation, and Moodle hosting + custom development.


 Do you need a mobile or web application tailored to your company's needs? 

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 for a digital world

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Revolutionize Your Business

Solutto Consulting is a company that provides technology solutions to companies and organizations that want to optimize their business models.

We strive to bridge the divide between users and technology solutions through our innovative services.

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Clients Put Their Trust in Our Services

Many companies around the world run our solutions to grow their businesses

Join us and make your company a better place.

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Solutto Consulting - Your Official Odoo Partner

 Solutto Consulting is your go-to choice for a powerful All-in-one ERP solution that comes equipped with all the applications your business requires.

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