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Solutto Consulting - Your Official Odoo Partner

At Solutto Consulting, we specialize in implementing Odoo, the open-source ERP system that helps businesses manage and optimize their processes in one place.

With years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we're dedicated to providing customized solutions that drive growth and efficiency for our clients.

Solutto Consulting is your go-to choice for a powerful All-in-one ERP solution that comes equipped with all the applications your business requires.

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A Solution for Every Need

​One platform, countless possibilities

Marketing and Sales

CRM Orders / Quotations

SMS Marketing E-mail Marketing Survays

HR and Operations

Projects Approvals Employees



Planning Timesheet



 Websites BuilderE-commerceE-learningBlogsForumsLive chat

And much more....

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Colombian Localization

Solutto offers you a complete solution tailored to the local norms of Colombia. Our Colombian localization module ensures that your company operates efficiently and in compliance with DIAN regulations. 

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Full integration with Odoo for smooth business operation.

Electronic Payroll

Complete record and control over your company’s payroll.

Electronic Invoicing

Send electronic invoices, but you do it directly to DIAN, without intermediaries.

Magnetic Media 

Generates reports to present to the DIAN efficiently and accurately.

Direct Submission to DIAN: No Intermediaries! 

We streamline your processes by eliminating intermediaries and reducing costs. Sending directly to DIAN, your documents are in the best hands.

With Odoo you can...

Centralized all areas of your business
Integration with third-party applications
Scalable solution that grows with your business
Automation of processes and workflows
Customization to suit your company's specific needs
Intuitive and user-friendly interface

What is Odoo SH and why choose it?

​Odoo SH (https://odoo.sh) is a cloud platform that simplifies the implementation, management, and customization of Odoo. With Odoo SH, you get a scalable and secure solution, with automatic backups and regular updates. Some benefits of choosing Odoo SH include:

  • Fast and straightforward implementation.
  • Advanced integrations and customizations.
  • Enhanced security and data protection.
  • Professional monitoring and technical support.
  • Scalability and flexibility to adapt to your business growth.

Our implementation service: Complete support throughout the process

Our implementation service ensures that businesses have the support of our company throughout the entire Odoo implementation process. Our commitment includes:"

  • Assisting in transferring all processes to Odoo, such as sales, inventory management, accounting, and human resource management, among others.
  • Training the staff responsible for managing the platform.
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to our clients based on the services they have purchased with us.

Our mission is to ensure that the implementation of Odoo truly adds value and optimizes operational costs for our clients' various business models.