Revolutionize Your Organization's Learning with Solutto LXP

Building robust e-learning ecosystems for the modern workforce

Welcome to Solutto LXP, the next-generation Learning Experience Platform designed to transform the way your organization learns. 

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Easy to use

Improved user experience for easy and enjoyable studying.


An interactive and participatory learning environment in which students are entertained, learn and share.

Social learning

Generate synergy between users, encourage collaborative learning, and allow your team to strengthen their professional relationships.

A Dynamic Solution

We are ready to adapt the platform to your organization's specific needs; we make each ecosystem unique, just as each organization is unique.

Reports and Statistics

We collect, consolidate, and present detailed information about the user training process, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

A Strategic Ally

At Solutto Consulting, we like to work with our clients, which is why we have a team that is always ready to propose improvements, solve incidents, and train those who are responsible for the E-learning ecosystems in organizations.

Implement an innovative E-learning ecosystem

Solutto LXP provides all the features needed to create a successful E-learning ecosystem, combined with the support and accompaniment of expert people in instructional design, web development, and project management.

Meeting rooms and live classrooms

With Solutto LXP, it is possible to generate virtual environments that can be utilized for conducting meetings, webinars, or live classes.

Cooperative Tools

Participants can send and receive group and private messages, use the whiteboard, share their screens, and activate their cameras.

Different configuration options

Instructors and administrators can create different types of meetings thanks to the multiple configuration options.


No Limits

You can create as many meeting rooms or classrooms as you need, have simultaneous sessions, and schedule meetings on a specific date.

Recordings and Statistics

You can record meetings and classes, allow students to access those recordings, and obtain detailed statistics for each session.

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Solutto LXP: Your Ultimate Solution for E-learning Ecosystems Implementation!

At Solutto LXP, we offer much more than just a learning management platform. Our clients gain access to a range of complementary services tailored to their unique needs:

  • Instructional Design: We can help you create top-notch educational materials that deliver results.
  • Platform Customization: We understand that every organization has specific requirements. That's why we'll customize our platform to meet your particular needs.
  • Support, Training, and Consulting: Our team is committed to helping you succeed. We offer ongoing support, training, and consulting services to ensure you get the most out of our platform.
  • Regular Updates: Our platform is constantly evolving. Regular updates that include new features improved security, and performance will benefit you.
  • Technical Support: Our team can always provide technical support via chat and email.

Don't settle for a generic learning management system. Choose Solutto LXP and get the tools, support, and services you need to drive results and achieve your goals.

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Discover the Affordable Way to Implement Your E-Learning Ecosystem with Solutto LXP!

We believe that every organization should have access to an e-learning ecosystem that fits their needs and budget. That's why we offer a range of customizable services designed to meet each client's unique requirements.

We are committed to providing high-quality services that are also affordable. We understand that every organization has its own needs and challenges, and we work with our clients to create a package tailored to their specific requirements and budget.

Are you ready to learn more? Schedule a demonstration today and discover how Solutto LXP can help you achieve your e-learning goals while staying within your budget.

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