Organizations Must Change: Transformation Starts Inside

One of the most important skills that the human being must develop is the ability to change; This also applies to organizations.

Today it is necessary to adapt quickly to the variations that occur in all aspects of our life.

Our organizations must also develop the habit of constant transformation, implementing continuous improvement models and innovation strategies.

This is an important moment in the life of our company, and that is why we decided that it is time to show the changes that we have been experiencing in recent months.

Why did we decide to change?

Change is part of our DNA; one of the first defining characteristics of Solutto was “change.”

So for us this is not something new; however, this moment is important because we are heading towards a transformation process.

Although change occurs in an adaptation context, for us transformation is a much deeper process, in which decisions are made focused on generating a long-term impact; while change is understood more as a way to face the challenges of the day to day.

What is changing?

  • We are improving the way we deliver our services.
  • We are making strategic alliances with people and organizations.
  • We are implementing new methodologies to optimize the provision of our services.
  • We are preparing for the future, implementing new technologies and adopting continuous improvement practices.

We have a new website and a new logo!

Of course, the latter is not the most important thing, what really adds value to our company is the internal transformation process, which is what directly impacts our clients and partners.

What does the future hold?

The future is said to be uncertain, and that is true.

For us, the future is not a threat, on the contrary, the future represents new opportunities to continue growing.

Our clients can take comfort in knowing that Solutto is an ever-evolving company.


It is important for entrepreneurs to be thoughtful and carefully observe the different circumstances that our organization faces.

We must lose the fear of change, and on the contrary turn our companies into safe ecosystems, in which spaces are opened for experimentation and innovation.

Finally, we want to recommend to those who have a business idea, or are already entrepreneurs, to contemplate the multiple possibilities offered by networking and strategic alliances.

These last two factors have been indispensable for our organization.

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